It was such a long day yesterday. Must remember never to pack it so tightly ever.

Was ready to sleep when class began; voice already almost gone.

And I was in good company :p WY wasn’t feeling well, so she was even more drowsy than me!

What kept me awake was the ‘nagging’ feeling that there was going to be something in that evening’s class. Exactly what it was, I didn’t know. But it was there – waiting to be discovered as we messed around with yet another medium for “children’s books illustration”.

KL chose very pretty pictures for her pieces. She loves pandas and pears, and had whimsical pictures of pandas that made me smile 🙂

“The sound of these markers on the transparencies as we colour… reminds me of seagulls.”

“Hey, you’re right! Haha. Rather angsty ones too… you know what, I think different coloured markers actually sound different…”


One of our classmates had a brainwave – she’d unearthed some mini photo frames at home, and brought them to class wondering if we’d like to try creating some art pieces, for charity. We all took to the idea excitedly, and apart from doing our own pieces, also did a mini piece to be ‘framed up’ for sale.


The metaphors in last night’s class were rich and apt.

Transparency. Permanent Ink. Aluminium foil – crushed but not torn.

See-through. See-true. 

But they weren’t “it” – didn’t address that ‘nagging’ feeling. Resolution came late last night as I sat at home looking at the evening’s work. It was really just this:

Let the Lord love you. You won’t believe how well He does it.

Lagi awake, after that.



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