Peter would know…

We ran a class today, CC and I. Loved how one group depicted this parable. Sheep, and purple ones at that. Two of my favourites. Too cute. 


It was a good thing I wasn’t hearing the class exercise-message for the first time today. I’d listened to it yesterday. It meant too much to me.

Calling: Fitted for Service

So I read this morning’s devotional passage – 2 Peter 1 – with new eyes. With the context of John 21:15-19.

Peter likely wrote this epistle towards the end of his life. What might he have been thinking? Perhaps a part of him was reminiscing, and remembering vividly – as if it happened yesterday – that charcoal-fire conversation with Jesus.

“I went fishing; it was just about the only thing I had left in my life that I could still hold my head a little high about. A practical skill, a sensibility I still had. But initially we caught nothing. The feeling was unbearable: the sense of nothingness, sheer nothingness, was as vast and black as the fruitless waters we drifted in. Then I was told – and I threw myself into the waters, quite beside myself… 153, it was 153. We counted every single one. We sat down to breakfast, but the lump in my throat made eating difficult. Then He spoke to me.”

Peter was a broken man – broken by the choices he’d made, and falling all the harder because of the height he’d come from…

As if it happened yesterday. Those yesteryear tears from the soot of charcoal-fire… reprised in today’s tears of reminiscence?

Things that popped up from 2 Peter 1:

That it’s by righteousness of Christ alone, we have the faith we have.

Peter would know – he had been fully restored by Jesus from a place of deep shame and brokenness.

That our grace and peace is manifold through true knowledge of Him.

Peter would know – he didn’t just know about grace; he was restored by it.

About “the corruption that is in the world by lust”.

Peter would know – he had experienced total corruption, his own corruption, his own falling.

About “his purification from his former sins”.

Peter would know – how the Lord had purified him! A 3-fold question for Peter’s 3-fold denial. Washed, washed and washed again.

To “make certain about His calling and choosing you”.

Peter would know – Jesus told him 3 times He still chooses him.


And it’s as if the Lord says today,


I still choose you too



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