Bearing; and bearing me up

Continuing with Tozer. Made me think back on last year’s blessed late Spring, when I first started reading the book.

It was good to leaf through the chapters I’ve journeyed through, and the blogposts from that blessed late Spring. And about intentionally living by faith.

I miss. I really miss.

There are things I’d rather erase from memory, if the choice were given me. But God knows – He is aware that I am but creature. He is Creator. He knows my fragility. But. He also knows what He’s making me.

By grace alone, the memories that renew my strength and lift my spirits continue to do so, even with the passage of time. By grace alone, the memories that haunt and taunt me will one day have no more hold over me except to serve as a reminder of the mercy by which I stand, redeemed.


As the sailor locates his position on the sea by “shooting” the sun, so we may get our moral bearings by looking at God. We must begin with God. We are right when, and only when, we stand in a right position relative to God, and we are wrong so far and so long as we stand in any other position.

Much of our difficulty as seeking Christians stems from our unwillingness to take God as He is and adjust our lives accordingly. We insist upon trying to modify Him and to bring Him nearer to our own image. … We can get a right start only by accepting God as He is and learning to love Him for what He is. As we go on to know Him better we shall find it a source of unspeakable joy that God is just what He is. Some of the most rapturous moments we know will be those we spend in reverent admiration of the Godhead. In those holy moments the very thought of change in Him will be too painful to endure. …

The pursuit of God will embrace the labor of bringing our total personality into conformity to His. … The moment we make up our minds that we are going on with this determination to exalt God over all, we step out of the world’s parade. … Let the seeking man reach a place where life and lips join to say continually, “Be thou exalted,” and a thousand minor problems will be solved at once. His Christian life ceases to be the complicated thing it had been before and becomes the very essence of simplicity. By the exercise of his will he has set his course, and on that course he will stay as if guided by an automatic pilot. If blown off course for a moment by some adverse wind, he will surely return again as by a secret bent of the soul. …

Let no one imagine that he will lose anything of human dignity by this volunatry sell-out of his all to his God. He does not by this degrade himself as a man; rather he finds his right place of high honour as one made in the image of His Creator. … In exalting God over all he finds his own highest honour upheld. …

Now over against this set almost any Bible character who honestly tried to glorify God in his earthly walk. See how God winked at weakness and overlooked failures as He poured upon His servants grace and blessing untold. Let it be Abraham, Jacob, David, Daniel, Elijah or whom you will; honour followed honour as harvest the seed. The man of God set his heart to exalt God above all; God accepted his intention as fact and acted accordingly. Not perfection, but holy intention made the difference. … … In them (the sons of man who will make the once-for-all decision to exalt Him over all) God finds a theater where He can display His exceeding kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. With them God can walk unhindered; toward them He can act like the God He is. …

God wants the whole person and He will not rest till He gets us in entirety. No part of the man will do. Let us pray over this in detail, throwing ourselves at God’s feet and meaning everything we say. No one who prays thus in sincerity need wait long for tokens of divine acceptance. God will unveil His glory before His servant’s eyes, and He will place all His treasures at the disposal of such a one, for He knows that His honour is safe in such consecrated hands.

— Chapter 8, Restoring the Creator-Creature Relation, The Pursuit of God. (A. W. Tozer)


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