Doors that close

Quite a comical breakfast with Nightingale today. We ran to 3 different places and found them firmly shut/impossible to plant roots in. Ended up in a 4th place. Wasn’t the best choice, but we were hungry, so settled.

It was good to hear about happenings in her life again, since it’s been about half a year since we last sat down for a proper chat.

Talked about many things, some related to each other and others tangential.

On hindsight, I realised much of it was about doors. Whether they are open or closed. And whether to take steps to close them.

Doors that close on us. Doors we choose (prayerfully) to close.

Both require faith. Trusting in a God who is utterly good, whose person and plans we can count on.


[Afternote: look what I came across 12 hours later, from a feed -]

“What Do I Want to Do When I Grow Up?” Is The Wrong Question To Ask

Through this shift, I learned that what moves me and resonates deeply is enabling others to overcome the fears and obstacles that hold them back from leading the life they’re meant to lead. I discovered that everything inside of me lights up when I can help someone navigate a challenge so they make progress toward an inspired life. I learned that by openly sharing the truth of my journey–both the ups and the downs–I’m helping others take baby steps and bold leaps, too.

And so the chapter “What do I want to do?” comes to a close. And now, the chapter “Who I am” begins.



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