And my heart sings

Sings and resonates with these words:

When you realise life is war, you make prayer a shield and Christ your general and the victory is found in grace. 

… God’s putting together all the pieces of the puzzle and He’ll fill what’s still missing with His peace. (Because We All Have These Days)


That’s just it.  Those things that so excite us and energize us that we think we couldn’t possibly ask to get paid for doing, because surely everyone in the world wants to do it too  – they may just be the whisper and direction that God is calling us to, because He has uniquely put that on our hearts. (How Do You Know If You’re Called?)


No one knows but you do war every single day with the slanderous voices in your head and you wrestle a bit with the death dark that encroaches around the edges of everything and you’re never the only one: anyone who gets up has to push back the dark. … And it comes down to this: Christianity is the only hope for this broken world because there’s no other way for the broken to get the Nails they need to rebuild. … God’s not asking me to produce – He’s asking me to pray. (What Every Hard Week Needs To Know)

Oh, and look what was at the end of the last blog post… a lilac butterfly.


About lilac butterfly

Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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