Love Always Prevails (III)

For His lovingkindness is everlasting. – Ps 136 (NASB)

因 他 的 慈 爱 永 远 长 存 。- 詩 篇 136

For His mercy endures forever. – Ps 136 (NKJV)


“When all else is changing within and around,
In God and his mercy no change can be found.”
– Spurgeon


Psalm 136 insists, literally in every verse, that the root of all of God’s activity in this world, beginning even with the world’s creation, is mercy—hesed. This mercy is eternal—le’olam—“forever.” Mercy is the cause and reason of all that God does. He does nothing, absolutely nothing, except as an expression of His mercy. His mercy stretches out to both extremes of infinity. The encounter with God’s mercy is the root of all Christian worship. Mercy is the defining explanation of everything that God has revealed of Himself. After three introductory verses that call for the praise of God, one may distinguish three stanzas in this psalm. Stanza 1 (verses 4-9), we may think of as the “cosmic stanza,” because it deals with God’s work of Creation described in the opening verses of Genesis. But Creation is the stage on which God makes history, so in stanza 2 (verses 10-22), we move from Genesis to Exodus. This we may think of as the “history stanza,” containing material from the Books of Exodus, Numbers, and Joshua. Finally, stanza 3 (verses 23-26), speaks of God’s continuing care for His people down through the ages. He is not simply a God of the past, but of “us,” the present generation of believers. Thus, Psalm 136 pursues a threefold theme: creation, deliverance, and the continued care of the redeemed. In this respect, the triple structure of our psalm is identical with that of the Nicene Creed: God made us, God saved us, God stays and provides for us all days unto the end. In the Creed, this structure is explicitly Trinitarian: “one God, the Father Almighty, the Creator…one Lord, Jesus Christ… the Holy Spirit, the Lord and Giver of life.” All we will ever discover of God will be the deepening levels of His great, abundant, overflowing, rich and endless mercy. “For His mercy endures forever” is the eternal song of the saints.(Reardon, p. 271-272) [Source]

The covenant-love of God.



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