It’s His call

That our joy in that knowledge be full!

But it is tough. And He knows it too.

So I am grateful that He keeps sending reminders of who He is. Because, we always need so much to know: He cannot not be who He is.

What if it feels like, looks like, our lives have strings of mistakes? Is there still hope? We cannot run away from the consequences of our choices. But. He is much more than a string of mistakes – past mistakes, present errors, and all future missteps. If He could be bested by our mistakes, He wouldn’t be God.

“Because of our ignorance we are not fully aware of our sins of ignorance. Yet we may be sure they are many, in the form both of commission and omission. We may be doing in all sincerity, as a service to God, that which He has never commanded and can never accept. The LORD knows these sins of ignorance every one. This may well alarm us, since in justice He will require these trespasses at our hand; but on the other hand, faith spies comfort in this fact, for the LORD will see to it that stains unseen by us shall yet be washed away. He sees the sin that He may cease to see it by casting it behind His back. Our great comfort is that Jesus, the true priest, has made atonement for all the congregation of the children of Israel . That atonement secures the pardon of unknown sins. His precious blood cleanses us from all sin. Whether our eyes have seen it and wept over it or not, God has seen it, Christ has atoned for it, the Spirit bears witness to the pardon of it, and so we have a threefold peace. O my Father, I praise Thy divine knowledge, which not only perceives my iniquities but provides an atonement which delivers me from the guilt of them, even before I know that I am guilty.” – Spurgeon

Ecclesiastes 3 is a special passage. One of two significant passages at a major turning point. But it wasn’t the usual “He makes all things beautiful in His time” lesson/reminder. At this major turning point, the lesson was “vanity“.

Still an important lesson. Insofar as ‘vanity’ refers to that which is transient, ‘seasons’ is also an important lesson. Being at rest in every season.

My God is the God who will never forget
All of His goodness
And all of His promises
He’s holding my world in His hands


Holding My World (Kristian Stanfill)


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