Wearing like the robin

I think I may have found my favourite little bird. Little Robin Redbreast 🙂






The Robin Redbreast is a dainty little bird, scarcely weighing as much as the sparrow… His plumage is an olive brown above and an orange red over the breast. He has full, dark, plaintive eyes, and his plump little body stands upon the thinnest of legs. His song, though not powerful, is extremely sweet, and he sings throughout the winter, regardless of snow or cold, when all other birds, except, perhaps, the wren, are silent. (Robert Fletcher, 1889) [Source]

His song –


The Legend Of The Robin’s Red Breast

Oh have you heard the story it happened long ago
When Christ our blessed Savior was here on earth below
An echo thru the ages from distant Calvary
I’ll tell it to you simply as it was told to me.

It breathes the blessed teaching of God’s own holy word
A lesson taught in meekness by a lowly little bird.

When Jesus hung in sorrow our debt of shame to pay
No one was there to comfort or wipe His tears away
A little bird flew near Him in sober coat of brown
And gazed in tender pity then slowly fluttered down.

With gently wings it fanned Him to cool His aching head
And hovered near His bosom all stained with deepest red
At last when all was ended as if to mourn His loss
It rose with blood stained feathers and circled ’round the cross.

It flew away in sadness and to this day ’tis said
It wears upon it’s bosom that stain of crimson red
When I shall cross the valley and go to seek my rest
May I wear like the robin God’s sign upon my breast.




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