Seeing incompletely

The last time I had a proper chat with TK was, like, 6 years ago!

So it was nice (albeit very out of the blue) to meet over coffee this morning. Much has happened.

And it’s all good šŸ™‚

Open palm.Ā 

I call it ‘loose grasp’.

Wonderfully, we cannot fully fathom God’s purposes, plans, timing, placing. But with every step, we become surer and surer of His heart – even as our own hearts are as surely tested for true-ness to Him. We learn, more deeply with each season, what it means to live the relationship between Flyer and Catcher:

The flyer must never catch the catcher. He must wait in absolute trust.Ā 

… And even if we fall, even if we ‘fail’ by the measures we (or others) set… so long as our hearts have been right with and before Him, haven’t we gained something greater? Our apparent failures may (and often do) turn out to be perfect backdrops for fresh revelations of His faithfulness.

“The LORD keeps His people as a rich man keeps his treasure, as a captain keeps a city with a garrison, as a sentry keeps watch over his sovereign. None can harm those who are in such keeping. Let me put my soul into His dear hands. He never forgets us, never ceases actively to care for us, never finds Himself unable to preserve us. O my LORD, keep me, lest I wander and fall and perish. Keep me, that I may keep Thy commandments.” – Spurgeon

So let us live bravely – expecting God to be who He is. Expecting Him to turn up.

I am glad for these reminders from morning coffee.

Even more glad to have inspiring friends who leave a mark – less because of great things they have done or amassed, but more because of great choices they have made.



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