Gingerly Yours

Today I learnt that one cannot randomly replace one ginger for another.

Blame (or thank!) the supermarket for teaching me this lesson. Because it only had yellow and blue ginger. Neither were correct for what I was going to cook. But between yellow and blue, yellow sounded less wrong. So I came home, albeit uncertain, and started working on the alarmingly sweet potato-looking like yellow ginger. Of course, it totally slipped my mind that ‘yellow ginger’ is also known as turmeric.

Ginger gem #1: Your choices colour you

More-permanent-than-Sharpie stains on my fingers. The yellow ginger was certainly leaving its mark. Ok… this did not bode well for the stock. And I’m going to have to go around looking like I was trying to make curry powder. Oh well. At least it could be an interesting conversation starter.

Ginger gem #2: Wrong choices may open up interesting detours

The stock boiled hopefully, diligently. But in my mind: gone case liao. Thank goodness I’m only cooking for myself.

Stood there and stared at the hopelessly doomed meal. And started having strange thoughts.

I know! I shall try to paint with ginger juice… 

I know! I’m sure a small drop of ginger juice would be indiscernible in cakes… orange-yellow frosting, natural colour! How healthy! 

I know! If I cut the ginger into shapes, I could experiment with making prints…

I’m so not a domestic goddess.

Ginger gem #3: Regardless – glow with health

I’d like to think that it was the natural light streaming in that gave the meal its aura. But honestly. It looked radioactive.

Never mind. It’s cooked through. Every ingredient is edible. Nothing smells funny. Even the fish didn’t (which was why I got into this colourful mess in the first place).

Just eat it.

And anyway, turmeric is really quite good for the body 🙂 — The Medicinal Properties of Turmeric. Hmm, anti-inflammatory properties…

Glow on!



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