Of Beginnings, Consequences and Endings

P1000909 town potential

“Is it not so that in all our tragic endeavours we enjoy the pleasures of beginnings, not remembering that all seeds grow to be trees and will bear fruit? In the secret of dark shadows we forget that the sun will rise again and its light has no respect for secrets. We forget that both the darkness of night and the light of day come to us almost unnoticed. … Our story might prompt us to listen carefully and hear the strange nagging questions of the heart (questions concerning our own secret little dragons) about secrets and compromises:

What will this pet be when it has grown up?
Many are the joys that grow up to be miseries. 

Who will kill your dragons if you don’t?

What dragons keep returning to your life?
Oh, wretched cage of secrets, how foolish was I to think that the key of time would not unlock thee!

So it came about that these people, in their almost kind and very nearly loving way, started feeding and taking care of the baby dragon Mediocrity. (Even dragons, in fact, especially dragons, are at first very cute babies,  before they become what they really are.) They treated the dragon as if it were indeed, as they were convinced its name indicated, a valuable treasure. …

As time went by, Mediocrity grew a little bigger, but was still rather cute. Mysterious things started happening. One by one, the children began disappearing from the playground on the outskirts of The Town called Potential. …

The poor town people had no idea what to do. All they could hope for was a miracle, but these people were not really of the miracle-believing kind. Miracles, if they existed at all, were very unusual, and believing in them would certainly require unusual courage and faith in things unknown. They strongly believed that things unknown had better remain unknown.”



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