Of Storms, Voices and Purposes

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“Life, the kind of life that God gives, is like that: destiny never precedes purging. Those who would reach the destiny purposed for them, would first have to go through fire…

Indeed, there is more to a storm than hardship; every storm has a voice, a calling. Simple theology says of that voice that it is evil. It has an idea that God’s blessings exclude hardship; that hardship comes only from the dark side.

This idea makes for a predictable, comfortable God. But the God of the Bible loves too much to not be dangerous. If your God is safe, before whom will you tremble? God is God of both storm and calm. And even when the Evil One does send a storm, (for there are such storms) the God we are talking about has enough authority, power and wisdom to use the most evil of storms to serve His purposes.

And so, we have to learn to find the purpose in storms, even if the purpose is only to learn that we are unable to understand all things. Yes, to accept the reality that there are mysteries beyond our comprehension is one of the great purposes that storms can achieve in our minds, minds that are so addicted to answers.

The ignorant will tell you that it is an easy task to understand storms, and of course step one in their scheme would be not to allow for God’s initiative and purpose. To believe them will bring you much disappointment.

To be one of those who allow the storms of life to take them to higher places will make of you a finder of purpose, and much is required of such a person.”


In the wind there is a voice
wherein kings and queens rejoice
follow me
oh follow me
come to find
your destiny
what you do when windstorms rage
makes you royalty or slave

“Higher and higher they went, until the wind suddenly calmed down to only a gentle breeze.

The silence after the mysterious storm was almost tangible; the kind of silence that makes one afraid to breathe. This deep kind of silence brings one to a place of hearing only the most important voices in the universe – voices of darkness and voices of light. These men were now entering this ominous silence. Each one of them could feel and hear his heart beating. They completely stopped thinking about evil dragons, but not about danger. In fact, all of them, including The Owner of the House of Many Colors, were more afraid than they had ever been, but it was a fear of a different kind.

Most of us would normally avoid silence because deep within us we know that there we meet with old things. Eternal things.

The Owner of the House of Many Colors knew that this was the silence that was mentioned in so many of the ancient books of wisdom. This was the dreaded Silence of Meaning of which it was said that it would fall on every heart, and only the wise would not be harmed by it. In this, the Silence of Meaning, all men were to come to the crossroads leading to life or death.

It was written that all men would fear this silence, but some would grow to both fear and love it and others to fear and loathe it. In the love of the Silence of Meaning were the beginnings of the roads to life and in the loathing of the Silence, the roads to death.”


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