Of Closed Doors and Dark Nights

P1000909 town potential

Faith which does not doubt is dead Faith. – Miguel de Unamuno

“… the tears of pilgrims are never permanent.”

“Sometimes you shall find yourself so absolutely destitute of all feeling of devotion that your soul shall seem to be a wild, fruitless, barren desert, in which there is no trace of a pathway to find her God, nor any water of grace to refresh her, on account of dryness which seems to threaten her with a total and absolute desolation.” – Francis de Sales

“Notice how the hero of our story did not find this dark place to be completely strange. And so it is with us also. The great battles of life are not completely new. They tend to repeat our earlier battles,        only they are more intense…

All of us will enter the dark night of the soul. Not one of us will be immune from failure, doubt, or great sadness. But still, there will always be only one door for every palace and only one key for every door, and if we can see beauty, even in the darkness of life, that key will be beckoning.”


“Was all this effort worth it? Was it worth believing in the beauty of life for so many years? He remembered the rejection and scorn of the people in The Town Called Potential. Why had he not chosen the easy road? Was it not time to give up on his dreams and just be a normal person, living in an ordinary gray house? Were all the ancient books of wisdom not merely worthless information from outdated and ignorant sources? Were the people in their gray houses with their gray library not right after all?…

There was nowhere to turn to for hope and courage. This seemed to be in contradiction of everything he had ever believed. All his dreams had been just that – dreams; the illusions of a fanciful idiot. The people of The Town Called Potential had after all been right, he was The Strange One, he was a fool.”


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Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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