One-piece life

These two writings came to me today. Interesting how much they have in common. Timely as well – just as I’m feeling disturbed by recent conversations, requests and questions.

When You’re Tired of Being Torn

Uncommon Callings

I do wish for a one-piece life.

Like I wish for a one-peace life.

Too much activity.


Endless stream of ‘need’.

Everything, I am persuaded, is a need.

Everywhere, there are more things to do than people to do them.

Even the supposed ‘resting’ things I’ve been party to are so… rushed. 😦


When you love solitude & silence and have tasted its sweetness before, the ‘too-much’ is very frightening. And very very very exhausting for the spirit.

When you have known the beauty of just being, especially when it’s just you and the Lord, the ‘too-much’ is very unwelcome.

You long to head back to core.

Have been saying No.

Reminded that I mustn’t let myself be too bothered with what people think of my ‘No’.

Resist feeling guilty.


Easter Sunday. And dinner at home. Things that have real meaning.

Easter Sunday - Amy Leong (31Mar13)

P1030896 Easter Sunday 2013 - dinner at home



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