A believing life (5): Dumb sheep I

9Jun13 - Avenue effect w text from PixlrExpress

‘Interrupted’ by some medical results, so the past 3 days have been quiet instead of the intended flurry of activity & fellowship.

It was what I’ve sought for half a year but not had; and probably what I needed most at this point.

Blessed with strong cool winds that blew through the house during the day; weakly tired during the night. It was good to wake up not to deadlines or schedules, but lavish recollections of infinite divine grace, love and mercy. Wrote a few letters, and that felt right. Took a few walks, and that felt right too.

I can’t say the troubles have disappeared, or that I’m not tired anymore, but I can say that He is greater than my doubts.


Isaiah 53:6 says, “We all have wandered away like sheep; each of us has gone his own way.”  You wouldn’t think sheep would be obstinate.  Of all God’s animals, the sheep is the least able to take care of himself. Sheep are dumb.  Have you ever met a sheep trainer?  Ever seen sheep tricks?  Know anyone who’s taught his sheep to roll over?  No.  Sheep are just too dumb.

When David said in Psalm 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd,” couldn’t he have come up with a better metaphor than a Shepherd for sheep?  When David, who was a warrior and ambassador for God, searched for an illustration of God, he remembered his days as a shepherd.  He remembered how he lavished attention on the sheep.  How he watched over them. David rejoiced to say, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and in doing so, he proudly proclaimed, “I am His sheep!” (Max Lucado)


He Still Came (Libby Buisson)



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