It was good.

Today was another Day -1.

That usually means a full day of perspiration, sitting on the floor, stretching over paper 4ft wide and several metres long. And praying for inspiration (or at least, supernatural ability to copy some Googled drawing, well). Sometimes, when my heart is in the right place and my spirit is at rest, there’s singspiration too.

It was all of these today. And some.

There were 11th hour changes (significant ones) to the programme which impacted the visuals. Thankfully, I was only just about to do those bits, or was halfway through such that I could fit in the changes without re-doing entire charts.

I have no sense of how things will go tomorrow. The group’s too large, the facilitators unknown to me, and the venue un-recced.

But the bit I prepped today? It was good.



Lunch w plants 1 (20May14)

Midway through sweating it out, I stopped for lunch. Decided to sit in the service yard, and talk to the little ones a bit. Live among plants, right?

I looked at them from the underside for a long time.

There’s something quite marvellous about the way they just… are. And I thought, “God is so awesome. I don’t know how He makes them such that the light can shine through… their leaves look translucent and the veins (is that what they’re called?) are luminous! And look at those tiny hairs (ok, so I don’t really know much about plants) – such intricate work!”

They just are. And He?


Lunch with the plants. It was good.

Lunch w plants 2 (20May14)


FM came home rather tired, so we shelved cooking. Took a walk to a nearby place instead.

Alfresco dinner w Mum 3 (20May14)

Dined al fresco. The weather had cooled after some rain. For some reason, the place was busy but much less noisy than a regular day. Dangling CDs overhead (apparently the silvery reflection as they swing and turn, keeps birds away). A couple of flies. Some evening joggers. Trains zipping past in both directions, every few minutes or so.

And yes.

It was good.


“God is in all things and all moments. We just don’t usually take the time to notice God in all things.” – Day 20 Leaving Leon

“The world is of course still dark and lonely. But in it every day and each new year is the startling hope of a rescuer in our midst with whom we share our humanity. “There are actually 34 of us,” wrote Jimmy Sanchez from underground, who at 19 years old was the youngest trapped miner, “because God has never left us down here.” The signs and sounds of this hope are all around: sounds of God’s reign in unexpected places; signs of Christ in fellow pedestrians; the sounds of saints who have gone before us, and now stand on the solid surface of our hope.” – RZIM


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Live. Love. Learn. Laugh. Write. Draw. Colour. Blend. Play. Dream. Cry. Reflect. Pray. Sing. Worship. Bake. Cook. Rest. Give thanks.

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