A believing life (26): Watch your step

New Years Day 1735hrs

Crossed the year with friendship.

The voices of friends – in print or in person – bring strength to my heart.

First encounter of the year: 7 + 2 kids in a game of Hide and Seek. Nothing out of the ordinary, one would think. Except, as they ran along together, they chorused: Watch your step, watch your step, watch your step…

In theological terms, rituals are performed at the crossroads where time meets eternity; where chronos meets kairos. We live our lives earthbound and rushing: metaphorically looking at the second hand on a clock. It’s accurate, but not a good way of telling the time. Rituals are performed, as it were, by the hour hand; imperceptible movement, no less true but a lot less anxious. Rituals help us do nothing less than live a different kind of time. – (Life in a different kind of time. Lucy Winkett.)


“See that in all you think, speak, or do, the eye of your soul be single, fixed on Him that is invisible.” – John Wesley


“Indifference serves as a corrective lens, indicating what does and doesn’t deserve attention. It provides the negation that gives meaning and direction to the broad field of one’s concentration. If focusing one’s attention is half of the desert art of contemplation, the other half is a matter of knowing when and how to withhold it. …Detachment from the world and its values required informed, deliberate choices about what does and doesn’t matter in light of Jesus and the inbreaking of his kingdom. True indifference was rooted in a very conscious caring.” – (Desert Attentiveness, Desert Indifference. Belden C. Lane. p.199-201)


“What do we mean when we talk of consolation and desolation? We are really only talking about our orientation, and the bottom line is this: which direction is our life taking us—toward God [consolation] or away from him [desolation]?” – (The Inner Compass. Margaret Silf. Read here)

“So teach us to number our days, that we may present to You a heart of wisdom.” – Psalm 90:12 (NASB)

求你教导我们明白人生有限,使我们做有智慧的人。- 诗篇 90:12 (CCB)


To Honour You (Bob Fitts)


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