Mum’s Recipes

Mum’s ABC Soup

Mum’s Beef Stew

Mum’s Scotch Eggs

Mum’s Vermi Soup

Mum’s Yakiudon

Things we create together…

3M Beef Tomato Cream Pasta

Stovetop Birthday Hotpot

… and other experiments

Blink-of-An-Eye Aglio Olio

Cherry Tomato Quiche

Don’t-Waste Salad

Roasted Garlic

Sketchnoter’s Choc Cake Quick-fix

Strawberries & Cream Muffins

Toast Canvas

Vegetarian Burgers

Yuzu Granita



  1. Thanks so much for visiting my ‘Careann’s Musings’ blog yesterday via Freshly Pressed. I love meeting new people here in cyberspace. As a writer I keep my blog’s focus mostly on writing, but obviously I post on other topics, too. I’ve enjoyed having a peek at your blog and hope you’ll continue here, posting some of your mum’s recipes. It’s always a shame if family favourites become lost through time.

  2. Clicked on this! Can’t wait to see and hopefully try out the recipes 🙂

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