Our Big Move

The Big Move – a family epic. The very first entry:

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Four. Eight. One.

This is the story of our Big Move. 4 adults, 8 opinions and 1 new home. 730m down the road from where we are. We are great info-gatherers, if the piles of magazines, brochures, clippings and writeups are anything to go by. Our earliest artefect is dated October 2006. That’s how long we have been waiting for The Move.

Granite Man has been supervising the construction from a distance since the day the building started to grow out from the ground. If he could, I’m sure he would lay the bricks himself. Karate Kid is perennially busy. But the fact that he’s the first to move amongst his pals could be a great motivator to help make some decisions. Finance Minister is all set on the Mitsubishi W-class, 6-door, freezer-at-the-bottom source of life, so she’s happy. Me? I’m Lilac Butterfly, often more butter than fly. And purple in the face from doing too much in too little time.

But once I have an idea and I’m excited about it, I try my best to see it through. Hence this blog. To chronicle the best and worst moments of a journey we’ll probably only take once. I have no doubt we will be joyous when we are finally in our new home, but I think the bigger laughs and tears will come from recounting our journey there. The longest 730m ever.


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